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Sketch & Tulip

It’s been a busy few weeks after arriving back into Melbourne, getting back into the swing of things, participating in artist markets and getting set up. Still, once in a while we do find some spare time to explore this new city. We’ve noticed a gallery cafe over in North Melbourne called Sketch & Tulip. … Continue reading

The Villain Store

Upon returning back to Melbourne after several years of being absent, we’ve noticed many things had changed. Some for the good, some for the bad. One thing that hasn’t changed is the Villain Store always having fresh supply of ultra-cool stock. Villain Store originated out in Brunswick and has survived the 2007 GFC hit unlike … Continue reading

NGV Studio present TEES: Exposing Melbourne’s T-shirt exhibition

TEES: Exposing Melbourne’s T-shirt Culture We haven’t attended all of the multitude of exhibitions showing here in Melbourne yet, but we did manage to visit the key one – at least as far as the t-shirt world is concerned –  TEES: Exhibition over at NGV studio located on Flinders Street at the corner of The … Continue reading

Melbourne Design Market

Melbourne. We’ve finally moved our base of operations over to Melbourne after our small trip to Japan. The transition went well apart from being left without net connection for several weeks. Melbourne is a fantastic city and it’s great to see all the creativity lying around. There are designs markets and fetes every week, so … Continue reading

Countdown to new Pocket collection 2012.

In less than 3 days all eyes of Pocket fans will turn to the new collection (available in selected stores and online), so hands up who can’t wait and would like to have a sneak-peek of the photo shoot? You most likely know that the ultimate goal of Pocket is not to make high-quality unique … Continue reading

Supalate !

‘Please don’t dawdle, Alice! We’re very late, indeed!’ as our good friend Rabbit would say… And yes, I am about a month late to share my thoughts about Supanova Pop Culture Expo. Who doesn’t like to stroll down the memory lane, though, so let’s pretend we’re not late at all… Just like the online add … Continue reading

GATSBY – Moving Rubber Series

Originally posted on A Man's Sense:
These days, it’s rare to not have an asian friend.  It’s also rarer to find an asian who doesn’t know what Gatsby is~!  Several years ago, everyone was comparing different hair styling products they used; in Adelaide, you only had Garnier, or some Salon gels; not a large…

Pocket Designs Atomic Cowgirls Pinup Limited Edition T-shirt print

One of our latest designs, Atomic cowgirl, is a full-figure version of an earlier Cowgirl design that was printed onto three jersey panels and sewed onto tees in patches. The original range, available in different colours, sold out quickly due its world-wide popularity. If you were lucky enough to have purchased one, email us a … Continue reading

Upmarket Angove Street Market 2012

Upmarket contests, cooking demonstrations and fashion parades tempt occasional style hunters and entertainment-curious Perthians from the furthest corners of our city. To me, Angove Street seems to be an excellent playground for children of every age group who can restlessly run free with their faces painted in rainbows when the parents casually browse through the … Continue reading

Unwrapped South Perth 2012

The rumours were flying around the city when Ebony and the rest of the restless Unwrapped Team made the decision to breach the usual yearly occurrence schedule and organize another event in 2012. Pocket was extremely happy to hear that our participation submission had been accepted. Setting up we noticed many friendly familiar faces, like … Continue reading

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